On Hiatus

Joyful Fitness Pilates is on hiatus until January 20, 2020! If you’re looking for Pilates on the Eastside, try these other great studios:

  • Bodies By Kristina
  • Club Pilates
  • Soma Pilates
  • Pivot Gyrotonics and Pilates


Dear Ideal Client,

It’s been a few months since you started taking Pilates with me. You were a little nervous to start – you said you weren’t flexible enough, you felt a little heavier than was comfortable, and you have this niggling problem with your neck/shoulder/back. But you courageously started lessons, despite your trepidation. You were finally ready to take care of yourself and get strong.

You admitted that even in the first few class you had reservations about Pilates. You needed so much focus for the detailed movements! How could these precise, controlled movements change anything, you thought.

You began to enjoy moving and being in control of your body. Before you knew it, 1 month, 2 months went by and you excitedly tell me little strength improvement stories, like that time you moved a heavy piece of art that you move every year but this year it was so light!

You say you’re sticking with it because you feel so good after each class. Energized. Strong. Every class goes by super-fast because of your dedicated focus and, well, we laugh a lot together.

That niggling pain went away. When it comes back, you know precisely what movements (or lack thereof!) caused it, and what movements make it feel better.

This letter is a thank you. For taking that courageous first step. For trying something new, out of your comfort zone. I feel honoured you chose me as your instructor. Not only do you work hard to the best of your ability, you keep showing up, week after week. You are open to having fun with movement and learning to experience a connection between your mind and body.

I know the day will come when you have Pilates so ingrained in your body that you won’t need me anymore. Until then, thank you so much for sharing your Pilates journey with me.



PS: I am taking a year sabbatical starting Dec 2018 – January 20, 2020 so I am no longer accepting new students. If you’d like to be on a mailing list for when I return , please email me at nicole@joyfulfitnesspilates.com