Your Joyful Fitness Pilates sessions will leaving you feeling strong, energized and smarter! No matter what fitness level you are or even if you hate to exercise, Pilates has something to make you feel better. Most important, new students, you do NOT have to be flexible or strong or ‘in shape’ (whatever that means) to do Pilates. That’s like saying you have to get clean before you are able to have a shower. Start where you are now. Pilates is not about being better than someone else. Pilates is about being better than you used to be.

When you work with me (Pilates instructor Nicole Sheldrake) you will feel supported and encouraged to start from your level. Your Single Leg Stretch may look completely different from another student’s but what matters is that the exercise is safe for your body, feels good and that you are learning about how your body moves and the other movement options available. Pilates gives you tools for movement along with some fun and flow.

You’ll definitely laugh a few times in class, maybe at yourself as you try something new, maybe at me as I fumble my words. Time flies by because you are so focused and you are learning something.

The History of Pilates

A fun, short animated film about Joseph Pilates and his exercise method: