Benefits of Pilates


  • Create a strong and flexible body so you can play with your kids/friends/grand-kids/dogs…
  • Avoid or alleviate lower back and neck pain, especially if you have a job where you sit or stand for long periods.
  • Enhance posture, and thereby boost your confidence!
  • Improve your balance and proprioception for better walking, biking and running.
  • Strengthen muscles to promote aligned dynamic movement for your other favourite activities.
  • Breathe deeply and move consistently to reduce stress!
  • Recover from injury in a safe and controlled exercise environment, supported by your medical practitioner.
  • Develop coordination and body control to promote better brain function. (That’s right, Pilates makes you smarter!)

What makes Pilates special?

Not only does Pilates move your spine in all different directions and focus on strengthening your core, it is also an extremely modifiable system of exercise which means pretty much any body can do it. Pilates promotes ‘dynamic stability’ in your body so that you can move with control.

Pilates, unlike Yoga (click here for an explanation of the differences), also incorporates specialized equipment to assist your body in accessing different muscles and movements. The equipment uses springs which simulate your muscles, i.e. anchored at either end and stretchable tension in between. The equipment thereby becomes an extension of body.